UKbride Member Request 10 Jun 2022

Hen do ideas

I’m organising my best friends hen do and trying to think of some ideas for it! She has a large number coming (between 40 and 50) of all varying ages, so we’re doing a night in a function room at a local pub with a singer and DJ. I’m trying to think of things we could do on the night. We’ll probably do the toilet roll wedding dresses and I’m going to get a selfie sign for pictures. Other than that though, I’m a bit stumped. Not looking to hire anything as the singer etc is already costing us quite a bit! I’d like to do a little favour as well for the guests so any suggestions would be great! Thanks!

UKbride Member 16 Jun 2022

I don’t know how big your space is but we had a large hen and played beer pong (with our normal drinks had to take a sip) everyone got so competitive and it was a giggle and never have I ever!x

Laura Roberts
L Rob 30 Aug 2022

Do a Mr&Mrs quiz with her other half, either video him if you can project it at the venue or record his answers as a fun game!


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