UKbride Member Request 28 Jan 2022

Baby on wedding day

I was meant to get married in 2020 and ,like a lot of people, had to postpone. Now we're due to get married in April this year but I now am going to have a 10 month old! I'm worried how I'll be able to fully enjoy myself when I'm going to be worried if he's had a nap, been fed etc. Has anyone else been in a similar situation where they've got married with their baby? How were they looked after on the day? And what happened about bedtime etc?

Naomi Gray
Naomi Gray 28 Jan 2022

Just go with the flow. My sister had a 1 year old. He unfortunately had an ear infection on the day. He was obviously very grumpy and in pain bless him. My sister and her husband just shared the cuddles between them, even at the alter. Sometimes it makes it more special. They were not fazed by it and chose to have him at the alter rather than him crying in someone elses arms. All the family and friends offered to help but it was their wishes as mum and dad. I would just go woth it, take it hour by hour, itll all fall into place if u dont worry about so many things at once. Good luck and enjoy x

Nicola Young
Nicola Young 27 Jun 2022

I would give responsibility to someone who you trust to look after your little one, and who knows their routine. Maybe have a little trial run before the big day to give them more of a chance to get used to each other. We are having kids at our wedding, my youngest will be 2 and my oldest 5. Im handing over responsibility to my mum and my MIL to chase after them and just check theyre not causing too much chaos on the day. Try and relax and enjoy yourself (sometimes easier said than done). It will all work out on the day. Congratualtions and enjoy your day :)


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