UKbride Member Request 23 Jan 2022

Change dress?

Our wedding got postponed due to COVID, we are due to get married in July and I have made my own dress whilst waiting for the new date. Both me and my partner are alternative style and haven't planned a traditional wedding which his mum isn't keen on and has tried to change for the past 18 month with no success. She has now gone round and told all our guests we have a steampunk theme even though we don't. I have low confidence and really bad anxiety and I'm now concerned my big unexpected style princess dress is going to make me feel really stupid and out of place. Do I change my dress to something more alternative to suit our everyday style or keep my princess dress.

Naomi Gray
Naomi Gray 28 Jan 2022

Keep it. Its your day, you chose the dress you want. Its not her day, if she really wants an input in the wedding give her a small job so she feels a part of it. But dont change anything for someone else. Aslong as its what you and your future husband wants then thats all that matters


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