UKbride Member Request 3 Oct 2021

I have decided to wear trainers under my dress for the day of my wedding,...

I have decided to wear trainers under my dress for the day of my wedding, when I’ve mentioned I’m wearing trainers I haven’t had the best response. Has anyone else worn trainers/boots on their wedding day and not regretted wearing heels?

Kerri Heath
Kerri Heath 11 Oct 2021

I plan to wear sandals. Dont worry about peoples opinions 😊

Dr Avro
Dr Avro 16 Oct 2021

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Joanna Butters
Joanna Butters 18 Feb 2022

I think it’s a brilliant idea I will be doing the same for on the dance floor ‘get your dancing shoes on’

Megan Stanley
Megan Stanley 3 Apr 2022

I'm wearing trainers! I spent yesterday adding diamantés to the toes for a bit if sparkle. Definitely opt for comfort it will be a long day!


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