UKbride Member Request 10 May 2021

Venue numbers

We should be getting married 23rd July 2021. Due to uncertainty at the moment we chose to postpone until 2022/2023 but the venue are now saying we must have 80 day guests instead of our original 60- do I have a leg to stand on if we refuse to up these numbers? Help!!! So stressed as we don’t want 20 extra day guests or to pay the extra £1.5k they want for them either.

Sarah P
Sarah P 16 May 2021

You’ll have to read your contract but I would say you haven’t as your wedding is, if things don’t change, after all restrictions are lifted. You would hope venues would be considerate of the circumstances at the moment but I suppose they’ve got to draw a line in the sand somewhere to get on with rebuilding their business.


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