UKbride Member Request 1 Apr 2021

What's best financially? all in' or source ourselves

We're not sure whether it's better to go for an all inclusive package wedding or source out everything separately to build our own wedding at a blank canvas venue. Which way can be cheaper?

UKbride Member 8 Apr 2021

Package is cheaper, i was able to choose what I wanted at my venue so it was more of a shopping basket rather then a package, venue hires can be pricey and then soon adds up with everything else on top xx

UKbride Member 8 Apr 2021

I’ve sourced everything separately and in a way regret doing that I wish I had looked more at packages to be honest 🤷🏼‍♀️ x

UKbride Member 8 Apr 2021

Package is definitely cheaper, and talk to the venues as you can often still get some flexibility with things too like drink choices x

UKbride Member 8 Apr 2021

We want our wedding in a marquee at a village pub, because they don't currently do weddings they have had to source everything from the marquee itself down to the cutlery, whilst its been lovely for me to chose everything to fit our theme it soon adds up cost wise!!!

UKbride Member 8 Apr 2021

We had a package (and as a last minute one - aka, we had 3 months to organise it - it was a fantastic deal). We knew exactly what was included and it meant we could budget for the extras much more easily. It’s amazing how much things can add up without your realising, so very pleased we didn’t source everything separately. It also (generally) comes with a planner who does all the organising/ clear up, leaving you to just enjoy your day. 100% would recommend! 🙂

UKbride Member 8 Apr 2021

Definitely get the package. I did everything separately thinking it would be cheaper and not only did it work out the same price but it was loads more work and ended up with barely any decorations because I forgot to buy them 😂

UKbride Member 8 Apr 2021

It depends. You can source cheaper vendors or have friends and family help. Otherwise ala carte can cost a fortune! There are package deals out there but shop around. If you're going abroad, Vegas and Greece have good deals. Talk with friends and family first and make a budget and ho from there. also local churches can offer good deals with all the trimmings. Whatever you do, don't go to a bridal fair without a budget.. it will pull on your heartstrings and you will be convinced that renting 200 white doves becomes a priority! I do flowers makeup and all sorts for brides on s budget

UKbride Member 8 Apr 2021

I think it depends on the type of venue you want and the guest numbers. We have chosen a church wedding and an outdoor venue which means a package type venue didn’t really fit what we wanted. Also our guest numbers are high meaning that if we did go with a package the supplement per head would have been a lot!
We have 140 day and around 80 night guests. The ceremony at our local church doesn’t have a per head cost so numbers didn’t impact it. Our venue is an outdoor tipi venue which has a maximum capacity of 300. It includes the bridal suite, welcome drinks and all the decorations/seating/dance floor. I have shopped around and arranged my own caterer and gone for a semi formal bbq style meal which is suited to the venue and cheaper. I’ve also arranged the band and evening hog roast. For my numbers, doing it this way was far cheaper than an all in one package venue, as ones we looked at came to around £35k! We didn’t have the budget for that! But if you have lower numbers, up to around 75/100 the package deals can be really good! X

UKbride Member 8 Apr 2021

We originally booked a full package in a hotel and after slightly editing it, we thought it was great value for money. But then the pandemic hit and we were forced to postpone and eventually cancel. We then organised to elope and we had to build it all together and it worked out cheaper although there was only 4 of us and no reception. I think really it depends what it is you're wanting from the day. Building a wedding day to suit your budget can be done but it takes alot of hard work, investigating, comparing and asking tough (sometimes silly) questions

UKbride Member 8 Apr 2021

Weve got a great wedding package with our venue and got our wedding ceremony, wedding breakfast and reception at same venue and our wedding planner is amazing we got the platinum package which surprisingly was very good value and very happy with everything we have. Our DJ is included in the price as the venue use them regularly

UKbride Member 9 Apr 2021

We have a package. Less stressful and cheaper that way

UKbride Member 11 Apr 2021

We had a package and just paid for anything extra we wanted through the included suppliers. Saved so much hassle and that way we knew exactly how much we were spending.

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