UKbride Member Request 28 Jan 2021


For anyone based in the North East (preferably Northumberland), if you have a pop/indie band and make up artist you could recommend I would really appreciate it. We're based in the South so are struggling with finding suppliers without 'word of mouth' recommendations. Thank you. ??

UKbride Member 28 Feb 2021

My makeup artist is based in the North East. We are getting married in Northumberland (le Petite chateau). She is travelling to venue. Mine is 21st December after two postponed dates

UKbride Member 28 Feb 2021

Beau by Joanna Phillips is amazing and from Morpeth, she is travelling to our venue in Richmond - have had my make up done before as a bridesmaid and Joanna is doing my wedding make up next year too🥰🥰x

UKbride Member 1 Mar 2021

All about the sass


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