UKbride Member Request 9 Nov 2020


I have bought a cape with my dress and I really want to keep it on for my first dance. the problem is it comes over my shoulders and as my partner is more than a foot taller than me I am going to struggle to put my arms around his neck. do you have any suggestions on how I could dance with him with my restricted movement or do I just need to ditch the cape for the first dance? thank you

UKbride Member 12 Nov 2020

I had an off-shoulder dress and didn’t even consider the implications until I went to put my arms around his neck, and couldn’t! I ended up having my hands flat on his chest while his were round my waist. Dancing the YMCA was also tricky not being able to put my arms up!

UKbride Member 12 Nov 2020

Put your arms round his waist

UKbride Member 12 Nov 2020

Could you do more of a traditional ballroom hold? So less about arms around his neck, but one hand on his shoulder, and another held in his?

UKbride Member 12 Nov 2020

Mine won't even do a first dance 🤷‍♀️😪😆
But if he did, I'd put hands around waist as he's 6ft2 and now sure I'd reach his neck lol x

UKbride Member 12 Nov 2020

What does it look like? Most just sort of attach across your front. A well placed broach can help and also be sentimental...

UKbride Member 12 Nov 2020

UKbride Member 13 Nov 2020

Ballroom hold? Xx


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