UKbride Member Request 16 Oct 2020

right in a predictament ive booked venue and paid deposit and now im unsure...

right in a predictament ive booked venue and paid deposit and now im unsure about weather to change venue as found a much nicer one and also alot cheaper what would u all do please very stressed bride here

Sarah Partington
Sarah Partington 16 Oct 2020

I stopped looking as soon as we booked to avoid this. I’d say change as you’ve clearly fallen for the new venue and it’ll continue to stress you out feeling you’ve not got the best place for you. You just need to check the contract you’ve signed to be prepared for any further penalties for cancelling on top of losing your deposit.

UKbride Member 16 Oct 2020

Change. Change whilst you can / with no fees if possible. It’s one of/if not the most important day of you life, don’t have the regret hanging over you. You potentially won’t enjoy your day otherwise and it’s a lot of money to waste if that ends up the case.

Best of luck! X

UKbride Member 16 Oct 2020

I would work out if losing the deposit and then paying for a new one works out cheaper. Honestly with the year it's been I would go for what you love the most. Life is to short not to have the most beautiful, best day.

UKbride Member 16 Oct 2020

Check if your deposit is refundable. Most places it is non-refundable so you then need to question if you can afford to loose that much money from your budget.

I didn't pay any deposits until I knew which one I wanted, so stopped looking. I would advise doing the same for other suppliers.

UKbride Member 16 Oct 2020

Write a pros and cons list for both venues, including things like reviews from other brides, then decide whether the new venue has enough extra pros to be worth throwing away the deposit money you've already put down. If the other venue is so much cheaper that the deposit doesn't make the budget any higher, there's probably no real financial loss to changing

UKbride Member 16 Oct 2020

If you were still looking at other venues once you had booked, I think that says it all. Change and then don’t look at other venues!!!

UKbride Member 16 Oct 2020

Follow your heart... But whether you chose to stick with your original venue or change to the one that's cheaper and you like more, make a decision and then stop looking into anywhere else. Trust your instincts and don't tease yourself with other options. Believe in your choices and go with what feels right 🙂 X

UKbride Member 18 Oct 2020

Is it cheap enough to warrant loosing the deposit? If so, then take a look and see how you feel being at the new venue.


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