UKbride Member Request 20 Sep 2020

Secretly getting married before postponed wedding?

We were due to get married next month but due to COVID, we have postponed. I really want to have my 'big day' given that it was all planned and everything booked and virtually paid for but I also don't want to lose a year of being married when we should have been... I am contemplating speaking to OH about going away just the two of us (and a witness) and getting married in secret now and then having the big day in front of family and friends next year as planned with them unaware we are in fact already married. (i sound crazy I know). Those of you who have gotten married now and intend to still have your postponed wedding day, how have you gone about your ceremonies on what should be your wedding day when you are already married? I love the idea but I don't want to take away things like signing the register away from my mum and MIL but I know my Mum won't keep it a secret if she knew and came to the secret wedding. Im also worried i'll lose the 'buzz' of getting married. I feel really torn. Please help!



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