UKbride Member Request 20 Aug 2020

Covid drama

Due to Covid I am having to drastically scale back the size of my wedding. I was supposed to be having 5 bridesmaids and have made the difficult decision to not have them anymore and just have my 2 daughters as flower girls. Has anyone got any advice on how to tell the bridesmaids? I know they'll understand I just cant think of the right wording.

UKbride Member 20 Aug 2020

I would call them all and just talk over the phone.

UKbride Member 20 Aug 2020

Explain the weddings having to be completely restructured due to c virus. These means numbers etc... I’m unfortunately can’t have as many bridesmaids. I will only be having my children as flower girls. I’m sorry such a shame but we still would like to get married this year.

UKbride Member 20 Aug 2020

Honestly in this climate I'm sure they will understand, explain the situation its a blessing to be able to get married at all.

It's a shame that they won't be able to play the part you wanted but with everything it has to be that way......

UKbride Member 20 Aug 2020

If you can do a video call with them all and just explain that due to everything going on your unable to have them as your bridesmaids at this time. However when everything is clear and safe fully maybe do a private bowl renewal and invite everyone to a celebration party and ask them to be your bridesmaids for the event. I know a few people who have recently done this and their bridesmaids were completely understanding

UKbride Member 20 Aug 2020

They should understand, I'm sure anyone would just be happy you can still get married. Maybe when covid restrictions are lifted you can have a big party and they can wear their bridesmaid dresses 🙂

UKbride Member 20 Aug 2020

When are you getting married? Will you only be allowed 30? Is it due to reduced finances during furlough etc, as they maybe willing to pay for their own dress etc.
They will understand we are all having to make sacrifices x

UKbride Member 20 Aug 2020

We had to do the same we got married on the 11th of July, should have had four bridesmaids, two flower girls, a best man, vest woman, four ushers and two page boys along with 200 guests. We were only allowed 22 in the end. The bridal party surprised us by coming and standing outside the church for when we came out so they could throw confetti. We want dto get married sooner rather than later because of my husbands elderly nanna. We will do something at a later date with everyone. Explain to them and I'm sure they will understand. It's not as though you planned it that way xx

UKbride Member 21 Aug 2020

Offer a special girls night out...I'm sure they will understand, everyone has had to do a "minimony". You can always have a big party next year!

UKbride Member 16 Sep 2020

Why don't you sit them down shud understand and once this is all over have some sort of blessing or do and have them as bridesmaid then. Win win as u get to wear ur dress twice x

Kitty-Ffion Vickerton-Harrison
Kitty-Ffion Vickerton-Harrison 30 Sep 2020

9 times out of 10, how you give news majorly plays on how people receive news- breathe and be calm: you picked these bridesmaids because they love you and support you- and they will do just that in this difficult time.

you can always offer to or think of doing a second "ceremony" with a celebrant later with all your planned original guests and bridesmaids- good excuse to crack out your lovely wedding attire more then once too!!


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