UKbride Member Request 5 Aug 2020

Marriage notice

Does anybody know, if you've already put your marriage notice in, is there a fee if you move house and have to change address? Thank you

UKbride Member 6 Aug 2020

I would like to know this too as we are currently in process of moving x

UKbride Member 6 Aug 2020

I was told if any of the information needs to be changed it’s £70 to do a new one but I’d call your local county registrars and double check

UKbride Member 6 Aug 2020

It depends council to council. When we first gave notice we were living in surrey but getting married in hampshire. Now we live in hampshire but the registrars both said that when they give you a call to pay the balance to remind them of the move and new address and we dont have to do it again. It's best to call up and check just incase.

UKbride Member 6 Aug 2020

I don't believe we had to pay

UKbride Member 6 Aug 2020

We had to postpone our wedding and our notice will run out we are moving house.
So we will definitely have to pay again 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️

UKbride Member 6 Aug 2020

No. We moved areas & didn’t have to give notice again to our new council.

UKbride Member 6 Aug 2020

My hubby was registered in one council and I was registered in the next. He then moved over to mine and we didn't have to pay extra. Hope this helps xx

UKbride Member 6 Aug 2020

Sorry to butt in....... but what documents do u need to give notice?!
Would a passport or military identification be enough if u don’t have ur birth certificate?!
I can’t seem to find any solid info on line x

UKbride Member 7 Aug 2020

I didn't need my birth cert, as I had passport. Then you need proof of address. My hubby needed passport and driving licence.

UKbride Member 8 Aug 2020

No you don't. When you are interviewed prior to the ceremony starting you can tell the registrars when they are completing their paperwork.


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