UKbride Member Request 16 Jul 2020

Socially distant hen party

Hi all, wedding is due to be in September covid-permitting. Looking for ideas for a socially distant hen do (prefer not to have to go for virtual hen option), needs to be options which can be cancelled/refunded given the current climate. Has anyone found any suitable options?

UKbride Member 21 Jul 2020

I had a beach day for my hen party! This was last year but we did fun beach games (like who could build the best wedding themed sandcastle)! My maid of honour just focused on organising activities she knew I’d love!

UKbride Member 21 Jul 2020

Classic camping

UKbride Member 21 Jul 2020

Spas are reopening next week. Could you do a mini spa day?

UKbride Member 21 Jul 2020

Garden festival 😊

UKbride Member 21 Jul 2020

What about a cabin or an apt or something where you can all stay and just have a night in instead of a night out

UKbride Member 21 Jul 2020

I've booked a house for the weekend in Brighton....

UKbride Member 21 Jul 2020

Depends on the area considering somewhere like Ghetto Golf or Junkyard Golf Club. I was going to have a mini spa weekend with seeing a musical on the Friday, Its now turning into two separate events, so a spa stayover and then another night at Ghetto golf and Lane 7 in Liverpool. Trying to support the standalone businesses as much as we can. Some of my friends had done afternoon teas, others have gone away aboard for the weekend.

UKbride Member 21 Jul 2020

Picnic in the park / henfest?

UKbride Member 22 Jul 2020

I had a flower wreath making workshop in the garden, it was the best day!

UKbride Member 29 Jul 2020

How about open air theatre ?

UKbride Member 5 Aug 2020

UKBride. If you knew that your supplier portal how no information what so ever about when your supplier's contracts are coming to an end, any information on how to cancel or even a button to cancel. What could you do differently?


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