UKbride Member Request 16 Jul 2020


Hi I need some help, I am looking for places to elope. Or places where they offer intimate weddings of 10quests. Suggestions welcome

Maria Boe
Maria Lyon 16 Jul 2020

UKbride Member 16 Jul 2020 what more could be more romantic than the home of elopement weddings

UKbride Member 16 Jul 2020

Me and my hubby got married in the registry office. 6 people including us. Felt very intimate and special. We loved every minute. X cheap too! 🤣

UKbride Member 16 Jul 2020

Trenderway Farm in Looe does elopement/small weddings. It's a stunning venue and the staff are amazing.

UKbride Member 16 Jul 2020

Tsokkos vip brides, add this fb page if you fancy getting married in Cyprus, hotels are stunning and they cater for some wedding too x

UKbride Member 16 Jul 2020

Cyprus is good because it's also one of the easiest ones legally with the paperwork. Plus it's stunning you can get package deals at the travel agents for online package deals.

UKbride Member 16 Jul 2020

We are eloping at Berwick Lodge Bristol

UKbride Member 16 Jul 2020

Lusty Glaze beach in Newquay do elopement weddings

UKbride Member 17 Jul 2020

The Cow Shed, freathy farmhouse, Cornwall

UKbride Member 17 Jul 2020

Scotland x

UKbride Member 20 Jul 2020

York... Loads of lovely historic venues perfect for elopements and great place for a romantic honeymoon. Here's a list of all the registered ceremony venues perfect for elopements in York.

Catherine Saunders
Catherine Saunders 1 Aug 2020

A lot of places are now offering intimate weddings of anywhere between 2 - 20 people. Even places you wouldn't expect like castles or stately homes. Now is the time to take advantage.

UKbride Member 5 Aug 2020

UKBride. If you knew that your supplier portal how no information what so ever about when your supplier's contracts are coming to an end, any information on how to cancel or even a button to cancel. What could you do differently?


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