Leigh Hanley
Leigh Hanley 10 Jul 2020

Wedding Breakfast Music

Trying to make up a playlist for our wedding breakfast. Music for a nice and chilled atmosphere. Does anyone have any song recommendations? Thank you!

Catherine Saunders
Catherine Saunders 11 Jul 2020

What are your & your fiance's music tastes?

UKbride Member 13 Jul 2020

We had piano covers of Disney songs 😂😍

UKbride Member 13 Jul 2020

Check out Boyce Avenue? They do acoustic type covers of lots of well known songs, so quite a chill vibe xx

UKbride Member 13 Jul 2020

Midnite string quartet....... look them up on YouTube, they do all kinds of cover songs and they sound amazing

UKbride Member 13 Jul 2020

Spotify have loads of playlists!

UKbride Member 13 Jul 2020

Vitamin String Quartet 👌

UKbride Member 13 Jul 2020

I had instrumentals of all my favorite songs so people wouldn't know if it was Sarah mclachlan next or Metallica

UKbride Member 13 Jul 2020

Jack johnson

UKbride Member 13 Jul 2020

Most things by the Piano Guys would be good to go in the background

UKbride Member 13 Jul 2020

Could ask the guests pick a song each and make a playlist

UKbride Member 14 Jul 2020

Panpipe music of your favourite songs, or instrumentals, we had a mixture of both. Also some oldie songs as we had an older table of guests as well as guests our own age. Pick soft music. Or piano or soft jazz versions of your favourite songs. Or classical versions. There are lots of options, you need to investigate youtube and Amazon music and see what styles you like xx

UKbride Member 15 Jul 2020

Piano covers of love songs sounds beautiful xx

Hannah Morgan
Hannah Morgan 15 Jul 2020

I have made a playlist of acoustic songs on spotify and also created a cd in case internet doesnt work


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