Gina Cullen
Gina Cullen 8 Jun 2020

Booking wedding abroad

Hi could I have a member request? After putting our wedding plans on hold for a long time we’re now finally looking at making a booking. We would love a good wedding package for abroad, we’ve been in contact with the wedding travel company and while they have some great deals the communication and details given are not great and what we’re being offered isn’t what they advertised on Facebook. I’ve also googled them and noticed some very poor reviews. I just want a company that will really take care of things and make everything run smoothly so I can be at ease, we don’t have a massive fortune to spend and understandably what we do spend I want to know it’s secure. We also have two small children who need to be factored into all of our plans. Any recommendations would be so appreciated x

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Danielle Adams
Danielle Adams 8 Jun 2020

Although I don’t have the answer.. I am also interested in getting married abroad. I follow this company too but was put off by the reviews online. I spoke to a lady through a wedding Facebook group who had booked her abroad wedding through TUI and really recommended their services. If you email their wedding team they’ll send you a brochure. I’m just going to wait until the stores are open and go to a branch and speak to a person as I think this will hopefully answer my questions. I also like that they’ll be able to provide a few hotel locations for any guests. Good luck with your planning x

Sarah Partington
Sarah Partington 12 Jun 2020

My sister got married abroad, in Portugal. She contacted the hotel herself and they assigned a wedding coordinator just the same as any venues in the uk would, she found the planning very easy with the hotels support and the wedding was amazing. For photographer and hair and make up we searched on FB and both where brilliant.


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