UKbride Member Request 1 Jun 2020

Veil and tiara

Please help me decide. I’m in two minds, If I want a tiara and veil. I have had my tiara for nearly a year now but instead of me having my hair up I have decided on a big rose at the side as I have really thin shirt hair so it’s a worry if a tiara and veil will only constantly fall out. So will the side rose (due to our wedding me beauty and the beast) with nice curls be enough. TIA xx

UKbride Member 2 Jun 2020

Totally! I originally wanted a Russian veil but decided it was too fussy and just not me/didnt go with the relaxed vibe of the wedding. Ended up with a loose intricate braid with a gorgeous rose gold hair vine instead. Was super comfy and I can wear it again! X

UKbride Member 2 Jun 2020

I don't like veils, feel old fashioned, I think flowers or tiara are more up to date x

UKbride Member 2 Jun 2020

Sounds lovely 😊 x

UKbride Member 2 Jun 2020

I have extremely thin hair
I had a real hair clip in extension
Could not tell
Had it curled and it added length and volume
Felt great

UKbride Member 2 Jun 2020

I had clip in hair extensions with my tiara as my hair is really thin and I decided not to wear a veil as it just got on my nerves !

UKbride Member 2 Jun 2020

I only had flowers on the side, and i loved it.... I’m very 50’s themed so was perfect. 💕💕

Maria Boe
Maria Lyon 2 Jun 2020

I would recommend trying your hair with both accessories, take photos and then you can see how it looks. If you take them to your hairdresser, they will do this for you. x

UKbride Member 2 Jun 2020

Go with what you feel suits your personality and style of the outfit (I would have said dress but some brides wear suits or jumpsuits now)

UKbride Member 2 Jun 2020

I had a tiara and veil my hair is thin. A good hairdresser can adjust the style to suit but as said previously you can always take both and try 2 stylea

UKbride Member 2 Jun 2020

I just had a nice hair decoration and had my hair up. I was a widow - I had a veil and tiara when I married in the 80s but didn't put it over my face. I think it depends on your dress.

Gemma Love
Gemma Love 10 Jun 2020

awww I think a big rose will be lovely


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