Shan Lou
Shan Lou 23 Apr 2020

Zoom wedding

So we thankfully got our notice of marriage in just in time in Oz where we planned to get married. We’re stuck in the UK because my fiancé wouldn’t be allowed in. We’ve decided to have a zoom wedding where our Aussie minister will marry us and send the documents for us to sign. We will have a proper wedding later where we will renew our vows. What would you do to make it special?

UKbride Member 24 Apr 2020

It will be special anyway ! That's a lovely idea ! Hope all goes well and enjoy ! ❤❤xxx

UKbride Member 24 Apr 2020

We had a virtual wedding the Saturday before lockdown. We sent champagne to our wedding guests and asked them to dress up and send a photo of them celebrating for us. It helped us to feel like others were with us! Best of luck, we had a wonderful day x

UKbride Member 24 Apr 2020

Why don't you write letters to each other on the day saying how you feel about each other and then read them out at the vow renewal?

UKbride Member 24 Apr 2020

Upload a photo of where you should be getting married and use it as a backdrop in zoom. You can also share music and record the wedding so you have a video to send to friends and family

UKbride Member 24 Apr 2020

Each have a cake to cut on either side


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