Katie Adams
Katie Adams 1 Apr 2020


Has anyone grown and arranged their own flowers? We are having a summer wedding and would love to do this. Has anyone got pictures too?

UKbride Member 2 Apr 2020

Currently in the process of doing this. We were meant to be getting married this summer but have had to postpone which I don't mind as it gives another year for the perennials to put on more growth and I'll have a good year getting to grips with the annuals. There is a lot of of time and prep that goes in to it and if you have a big enough space to do it then I would totally reccomend it. There are loads of tips and tricks to do it cheaply. Are you looking to grow everything from seed or use what you all ready have?

UKbride Member 2 Apr 2020

Haven't got pictures to hand but we grew loads of sweet peas and put them in rustic jam jars

UKbride Member 2 Apr 2020

I doubt there will be any summer weddings


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