Lynn Evans
Lynn Evans 5 Mar 2020

UK Bride Table Planner

I know other people have successfully used the Planner on here so am hoping someone can help me? I've tried but it's placed us (bride and groom) at the end of the table and I can't move us to the centre. I can't find any instructions on how to place people where I want them other than auto and then it just puts them in order. HELP!!!!!

Anna Charlton
Anna Charlton 6 Mar 2020

Hi Lynn! Email [email protected] and she should be able to help you!

Lynn Evans
Lynn Evans 6 Mar 2020

Thanks Anna x

Shannon Walsh
Shannon Walsh 6 Mar 2020

I just dragged and dropped the people to where I wanted them and tapped the chair to remove if I wanted to swap them around

Lynn Evans
Lynn Evans 6 Mar 2020

Thanks Shannon, I'll try that x


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