Chloe Wilkes
Chloe Wilkes 5 Feb 2020

Wedding party

We’re getting married in Italy with imitate family being there. We would like a wedding party in the UK when we arrive back. Can anyone recommend any lovely venues/ pubs in Oxfordshire or the Cotswolds region, that have a big garden and function room that aren’t too expensive?! Thank you :)

UKbride Member 7 Feb 2020

Marie Newton what’s that place you got married at xxc

UKbride Member 7 Feb 2020

We attended a wedding at Stretton Court Barn. It had a lovely outdoor area not sure on the price though

UKbride Member 7 Feb 2020

UKbride Member 7 Feb 2020

UKbride Member 7 Feb 2020

The Frogmill is lovely

UKbride Member 8 Feb 2020

The Fishes in North Hinksey Village has a great garden with a fire pit and outdoor pop up bar - only open in the summer. Pretty sure they have a minimum spend of about £2k


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