UKbride Member Request 21 Jan 2020

Advise please with budgeting and what's best for helping costs with a venue! Wiltshire/somerset based recommendations ????

Good Morning! I am new to UKBride and what a wonderful site full of help ???????? me and my partner have saved up £6000 for our wedding so far and we are based in Wiltshire, we are having a small wedding up to 60 guests and up to 120 in the evening, and having an autumn wedding in early October 2021 I was shocked how expensive these venues can be especially when we are having it on a Thursday in winter, some don't even supply chairs and want an extra cost of £3 each rental when the venue can cost £3000 to hire.. does anyone know the best way to make my budget work for a rustic wedding? These venues are so expensive and the insides are so dated and bare, or anyone have any recommendations? We ideally want somewhere where we can do everything in the same place so there's no hassle with travelling etc, we still have a while yet so can still save up more money but over £6000 for a small wedding for one day, it's so much money ???????? literally the tag wedding and the price triple, ????

Angel Knight
Angel Knight 22 Jan 2020

My aunt hired out a hall in the downstairs of a hotel so that they split the room for the ceremony and then everyone went to the hotel bar whilst they opened the room and moved the decorations,hope this helps x


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