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Advice Secret Civil Marriage Ceremony & Wedding in Few Years?.

Advice please... My partner and I have two children together and have been together for 13 years. We have both recently had health scares that have made getting quickly and legally married more urgent in our minds. We want to have the legal protection of marriage/civil partnership for each other and for the children. Our neighbour recently died, young, suddenly and his fiancé who he had been with for 10 years has really struggled with the legal side of things because they hadn’t made it ‘down the aisle’ yet when he died. It has been devastating to watch this lady and her young children having to deal with legal issues on top of all their grief. We would like to have a secret civil ceremony and then have our actual wedding with friends and family later. Our daughters (and our family and friends) would be very excited to have a big (not huge) wedding with the dress, cake, band & nice venue etc. We will love all of that too. It’s what we’ve thought about since the girls came along. But we want to square things off legally right now for the reasons above. Over Christmas we had started looking at having a secret mixed sex civil partnership (became legal 41st Dec 19), telling everyone we got engaged and then having the partnership converted to a marriage at our wedding. However, this option is not currently available to mixed sex couples... Whatever we do we’d be telling everyone we’re engaged. They all know we want to get married. We’re nit religious at all and our families respect that utterly. What do you think to this idea? Don’t want to upset/offend people but equally the first civil ceremony is about protecting our little family legally. The second would be our wedding, where we get to share our love with family and friends in style! Please be kind in your responses. Thanks for reading xx



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