Lisa Cleverley
Lisa Cleverley 9 Jan 2020

Finding a Band

Can anyone recommend decent bands in the Essex / Suffolk region, for a summer 2021 wedding? we've looked on a couple of agency websites but would prefer to be able to see the band play at a gig or event before booking them. Thanks

UKbride Member 9 Jan 2020

We had Hit the dance floor. I found them on facebook and I know they come from Manchester, they were fab. All our guests enjoyed every minute and had a great time and were reasonably priced

UKbride Member 9 Jan 2020

Cambridge based so perfect for Essex/Suffolk!

UKbride Member 9 Jan 2020

The Hot Shots 🔥🔥🔥 their agency website is alive network. Our dance floor didn't clear all night

UKbride Member 9 Jan 2020

T42 band play lots of pubs in Essex. They’re fantastic!

UKbride Member 9 Jan 2020

Break for cover are Essex and highly recommended x

UKbride Member 9 Jan 2020

If you want a 60's sounding band The Swiftbeats are excellent, I believe they are in Ipswich next week at The Railway!

UKbride Member 11 Jan 2020

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UKbride Member 12 Jan 2020

Three Mile Hill band based in Essex are great!


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