Lisa Goodall
Lisa Goodall 2 Jan 2020

Overnight accommodation near Fintry, Glasgow

Does anyone know of somewhere to accommodate at least 30 guests near Fintry Glasgow? We only need accommodation as we already have the wedding venue sorted

UKbride Member 8 Jan 2020

Its nearer Stirling so probably best looking there. Alternatively google accommodation near fintry.

UKbride Member 8 Jan 2020

We stayed at culcreuch castle in fintry,they have very comfortable lodges behind the castle.

UKbride Member 11 Jan 2020

My guests are sorting there accomodation. If you are getting married in a hotel they sometimes do special deals for guests or sometimes the hosts put a selection of hotel options of varying budgets on the invitations. We put a few suggestions on our wedding website but its up to our guests to choose, book and pay for their own accomodation.


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