UKbride Member Request 20 Nov 2019

Wedding Favours

Does anyone in the UK (East Anglia) make these bride and groom wedding favour truffles? Wedding is July 2020. Thank you ????

A member uploaded image

UKbride Member 21 Nov 2019

Suggest asking a local cake maker or have a go yourself looks relatively easy to do x

UKbride Member 21 Nov 2019

Stacey Manley?

UKbride Member 21 Nov 2019

TBH I thought they were Malteasers with icing, if you wanted to go for that instead

UKbride Member 21 Nov 2019 I know this lady does these but as cake pops! (This isn’t me, just have the same name as her!)

UKbride Member 21 Nov 2019

You can make them yourself!

UKbride Member 21 Nov 2019

Elegant Treats might do them for you

UKbride Member 21 Nov 2019

I can do chocolates and chocolate covered oreos and lollies in a similar style.

UKbride Member 24 Nov 2019

Very simple to do by hand!

Use a whole packet of digestives (chocolate or plain) crush them up with about 2 tablespoons of chocolate powder.
Melt around 50g of butter and pour into the digestive mixture with half a tin of condensed milk. Mix thoughroughly till fully mixed. Roll into balls and put on to a tray and chill for around half an hour or till solid.
In two pans heat up water to just before boiling and then place two bowls on top, remove from the heat and add the chocolate into the according bowls. Mix until fully melted.
Remove the truffles from the fridge and using a cocktail stick or a fork and dip in the chocolate. Place back on the tray with baking parchment down. Chill.

Once set, place chocolate in piping bags and put on the details or get little sugar decorations


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