Hayley Clark
Hayley Clark 20 Nov 2019

Vow writing

For those that wrote their own vows, please could you advise where to start? Dis you sit down together, di them separately? Were you given any advice by the registrar for how long they needed to be? Any other advice? Thank you!

UKbride Member 20 Nov 2019

Me and my hubby wrote our own vows. We done them separately so that they were a surprise on the day.

Check with who is marrying you if there is a phrase or sentence you need to include in your vows as I needed the little legal bit in them to make them binding.

Mine weren't very long, no more than 250 words but you could do a full A4 page if you wanted. I really struggled with putting what I wanted to say into words so I used places like Pinterest for inspiration.

UKbride Member 20 Nov 2019

If you're having a civil ceremony you can't mention any words with religious connotations. My husband and I did ours separately and we had to send them to the registrar before hand for approval. Do some research and the only advice I would say is don't make it too mushy or too many inside jokes but make it personal to you :)

UKbride Member 20 Nov 2019

I slightly adapted the words of the choices we were given by the registrar to incorporate what I wanted to say. I wrote them and discussed them with my husband as it was important for me to include a certain promise. Once we had agreed on it, I then sent it onto the registrar for approval. I knew my husband wouldn’t want to say anything too mushy so we said the same promise to each other plus anything different he wanted to say he could in his speech. The vows were my chance x

UKbride Member 20 Nov 2019

When I wrote my vows for my hubby I just thought of 3 things I really wanted him to know that were really important for me and our relationship but he might not necessarily think about as being that special. I have 2 children who he adores and loves as his own, he gives me unconditional support in everything and he has never asked me to be anything other than who I am. It's your opportunity to verbalise the undercurrent of what makes them the one. Hope this helps.

UKbride Member 20 Nov 2019

I wrote mine the night before the wedding. Do not recommend! He knew I was struggling so he left his on our bed before he left for the night and they were perfect. Not really mushy, he promised to love me more than anything (except rugby) and I promised to settle down with him (as long as he bought me a goat).

UKbride Member 20 Nov 2019

We wrote ours separately. I thought about some lighthearted personal things that were just for us and added some promises on the end. We both practised reading them and timed them so we knew that one wouldn’t be a lot longer than the other although they weren’t the same length.

UKbride Member 20 Nov 2019

Separate so they’re a surprise on the day

UKbride Member 20 Nov 2019

Seperate but we sent them to a close friend to read over to make sure they were on the right lines with each other

UKbride Member 21 Nov 2019

We wrote our separately, my advice keep it short- ish (as much as I could tell my h2b for hours how much i love him i dont want to bore people 😂) try not to repeat yourself and tailor it to you guys. My h2b are both gamers so theres a few things about being his player 2 in there.
If you get stuck you can google vow ideas to give you some inspiration to start, but most of all write what you feel. ❤ good luck!

UKbride Member 21 Nov 2019

I struggled to write mine. We agreed to do them separately and not hear them until the wedding but had a friend listen to both so that they worked well together (rather than one being funny and the other romantic). In the end I wrote list of things I love about my husband and his little quirks and then worded it into vows

UKbride Member 21 Nov 2019

We wrote our own!

I spend ageeessss, trying to find the right words and my wife did it in a day lol

I started with how I felt meeting her and how my life changed and made some promise to her,

My wife's was more of a story it was beautiful we were totally different from each other and it was perfect


UKbride Member 21 Nov 2019

We wrote our own vows and made them completely personal. We both made a brainstorm about the other one and took ideas from that and formed them into vows! We chose to keep them secret until the big day and it was the best decision! We’re huge Disney fans so incorporated loads of cheesy Disney lines and quotes in ours, as well as lots of musical references as we’re both singers! You can make them as personal as you like! Ours were funny too!

UKbride Member 10 Jan 2020

We have done ours separately and chosen set length to work too :₩


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