Helen Daniel
Helen Daniel 29 Oct 2019

Tiny wedding ideas.

So we are planning to get married in February with just our children and very close family. Then in summer have a hand fasting ceremony and party with all our friends in the garden in the summer sunshine. My question is does anyone have any great ideas to make the February intimate wedding special or amazing? Any thoughts welcome, thanks in advance. Helen. Xx

Courtney Bartlett
Courtney Bartlett 30 Oct 2019

Have memory cards. Have a little box and have people write their favourite memories of you both, or the special day on them. When you're sad or depressed or have had a fight, read through them

Get little handmade gifts for each of them

Find Little games for the kids to make it fun and distract them if they're bored 💜

Ashley Power
Ashley Power 30 Oct 2019

Have a look at doing a sand ceremony...



UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 31 Oct 2019

have you asked a celebrant to perform a mini ceremony and your handfasting? They can add all about your story as a couple and make the day personal for you x


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