Katie John
Katie John 23 Oct 2019

Getting married abroad research

Hi, I'm a researcher working for Caution Your Blast on behalf of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. We're changing the way people can get what they need to get married abroad. Our focus is on the Spain, France and Thailand service. To improve the service, we've created a new version of the current service. We're now looking to get feedback on what we've built, so that we can make changes and ensure that is easy for people to use. To get the feedback, we will be running sessions where we will ask people to use the new service. The session would be run remotely, so can be done from your own home or work. We would require to to be able to use Skype, Google Hangouts or appear.in in order to share you screen with us. The session itself will take no longer than 30 minutes of your time. Please let me know if you're interested in providing feedback, or have any more questions, Thanks.



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