UKbride Member Request 14 Oct 2019

Hen do for large group (27)

Hi. I am trying to arrange a hen do for my sister but really stumped for suitable ideas. She has a list of 27 for the bank holiday in May, and has said she wants an excuse to get dressed up one night. We thought Edinburgh, Bournemouth or Brighton might work but I am worried about how easy it will be to coordinate a group of that size on a night out! Any ideas for excuses to dress up that aren't just a night out on the town? So far all I've got is the horse races. Thanks!

Hannah Newbold
Hannah Newbold 15 Oct 2019

Casino night?

Shannon Clegg
Shannon Clegg 15 Oct 2019

this sounds like my hen do, drove my MOH crazy. we have decided to have a smaller amount for a spa day and then we have hired a function room at a restaurant for the meal, using a set menu so it's easier for gathering money x

Sarah Sharpe
Sarah Sharpe 15 Oct 2019

The burlesque show in Brighton is fantastic! X

Anne-marie Scarbrough
Anne-marie Scarbrough 15 Oct 2019

Book a VIP room somewhere, a group that large should make it easy to get a VIP lounge at a decent price 👍

Rebecca Bradley
Rebecca Bradley 15 Oct 2019

i had my hen do in august and my girls did amazing planning various activities for all ages people could join all all some if they wanted
1st - breakfast at a sea view restaurant (bib clue)
2- room escape (handcuffs)
3- water park obstacle course (bride costume)
4- evening meal at restaurant (bride headband n veil)
5- headed out to town/ pubs (shot glass)
before each one they have me a small clue to where we were going. soz for the long post lol

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 15 Oct 2019

If you go to Edinburgh you could find a ceilidh

Candice Franks
Candice Franks 15 Oct 2019

Sugar Hut, Essex!

UKbride Member 15 Oct 2019

Murder mystery night where you dress like the characters in a country cottage and incorporate cocktails and a meal into it. You can buy the games online x

Rachel Ann
Rachel Ann 15 Oct 2019

For my hen do, we rented out a big house with a hot tub and a bar and all sort of stuff :) you can get some of them that sleep upto about 30 and get people in like cocktail classes and loads of different daft stuff and everyone had a dead good time cos it was quite relaxed but also very boozy! :P

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 15 Oct 2019

My hen do was in Brighton. I got all my hens to get a matching top that said I do crew and mine said I’m the bride. They arranged an afternoon tea and then a cocktail making course and a strip show (although they claim they didn’t know it would get to that!) we then hit the town after. It was nice cause they could all dress it how they wanted eg jeans/trousers or a skirt and then it’s a nice memory to have and something to keep

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Jaymee-Leigh McAliece
Jaymee-Leigh McAliece 15 Oct 2019

If they can't all afford to go then arrange a 2nd night for a dinner

Anne Shields
Anne Shields 15 Oct 2019

We did a adult only weekend at butlins was a amazing weekend and my mother and mother in law had so.much fun x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 15 Oct 2019

Dressed up silly or dressed up posh; a super posh 5xpurse meal ?? Or black and white party or VIP and get a booth somewhere xxx

Elizabeth Coyle
Elizabeth Coyle 15 Oct 2019

My best mate had multiple hen dos but one lot was organised using WhatsApp. It was more local to her.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 15 Oct 2019

Definitely recommend adult weekend at Butlin’s. Most people who attend dress up on the Saturday night. It’s an amazing atmosphere.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 15 Oct 2019

We did a disco boat trip for my hen do! Was such a fabulous night, was only £32pp inc a buffet! Would highly recommend it x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 15 Oct 2019

Go Blackpool and hit funny girls! Great night out for a big group

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 15 Oct 2019

Blackpool funny girls then hit Blackpool pubs after

Cherie Faherty
Cherie Faherty 16 Oct 2019

I had my hen in Brighton.. we booked an air bnb for the weekend for 16 people and then split the cost.. I went in November so only worked out about £80 each I think.. you could sort it so everyone can pay air bnb direct or just get them to transfer the money..

I then used a website called chilli sauce to plan the activities everyone could pay them direct.. you only pay a deposit first and then gives everyone up to 6 weeks before the events to pay it off.. then used a WhatsApp group/Facebook group to keep in contact with everyone.. the chilli sauce sends them reminders as well and has loads of different activities too..
Friday we had drinks at the air bnb whilst people was arriving Saturday we did all the activities i360 with afternoon tea then dream boys/clubs after and because the landlord of the air bnb gave us Sunday night for free we just have a chilled takeaway night before coming home the Monday xx

Samantha Waterhouse
Samantha Waterhouse 16 Oct 2019

For my sisters hen party I used a company called freedom ltd online, they cover lots of different destinations and activities and the guests pay them directly so you don’t have to chase people. Everyone can choose which activities they want to take part in and they also do deals where the bride goes free. X

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 16 Oct 2019

We went to posh dinner and a musical on the Saturday evening and dressed up, on a spa weekend. Other options could be comedy club, the theatre, or hire a boat for a private cocktail cruise & party, they do them in several towns or cities with main rivers. Cost isn't that high either with 27 people, depending on the boat size and any extra entertainment you hire in.

Laura Stewart
Laura Stewart 16 Oct 2019

Day at the races, always a good excuse to dress up

At mine we had a fancy dress murder mystery evening and they came to house we hired, we dressed up in 1920s, was great fun

Natasha Finn
Natasha Finn 16 Oct 2019

We all went to Budapest had matching tops and sashes the usual thing was plenty to do xx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 16 Oct 2019

Lots of hotels do tribute night and spa packages that are ideal for hen dos. We've used the village hotel group on a number of occasions. X

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 16 Oct 2019

You could look at Bredbury hall. They are a hotel with a nightclub inside. It’s great fun and we had a package in with the room rate for a 3 course meal included. It’s in Stockport

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 16 Oct 2019

I went to a Revolution for mine. We did a cocktail making class, had a meal and then had a booth with drinks afterwards, all in the same venue so was really easy to keep everyone together.

Nicole Ainsworth
Nicole Ainsworth 16 Oct 2019

Me & my cousin organised then Hen Do for my other cousin earlier this year.
We're from Manchester but had a day/night out in Liverpool and stayed over in an apartment. Did the Merseygames (inflatable course) as an activity during the day, lunch in Liverpool then went back to apartment to play some hen party games then got dressed up and went out to Bierkeller and another bar.
Was really good!
There was about 15 of us but we set up an event group, posted the itinerary for the weekend, how much it would all cost and when they had to pay it by etc and everything ran really smoothly :)

Beverley Farrand
Beverley Farrand 16 Oct 2019

Mine was a weekend in London, with a west end show and nice meal. My chief bridesmaid sent out invitations with reply slips for everyone. She booked it via a travel agent which included hotel, show, she booked the restaurant separate next to the theatre. Was a brilliant weekend we got dressed up for the night out and then we went all tourist on the Sunday and had coffee cake and ice cream in fortnam and masons.

Rebecca Saunders
Rebecca Saunders 16 Oct 2019

For mine we went to a dirty dancing theme day at a spa hotel, we did a dance class, went swimming, had dinner and then had a disco. It was perfect because everyone was together

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 16 Oct 2019

Casino night

Dominic Becher
Dominic Becher 17 Oct 2019

I used a company called hen heaven to book activities as then none of the monetary strain was on me. It allowed all the girls who wanted to go to pay off their activity costs bit by bit until a month before after the initial deposit is paid. We went to Bournemouth but live in Brighton and both places are pretty hen do friendly

Michelle Croxford
Michelle Croxford 18 Oct 2019

I went to an 80s weekend at Butlins Minehead
Not everybody’s cup of tea but it meant we had 2 nights out and we were all together
It was really good fun and not expensive, also meant no taxis etc after night out.x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 19 Oct 2019

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 19 Oct 2019


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