Kelly Gill
Kelly Gill 2 Oct 2019

Real bride's

I think I've fallen in love with a dress from Wed2b it's Keeley by Viva. I've not tried it on yet as I've still got some dress sizes to loose first but I'd love to see some pictures of real bride's wearing it.

A member uploaded image

Vicky Allen
Vicky Allen 3 Oct 2019

I haven't got photos I'm afraid but I just wanted to say try not to put too much pressure on yourself to lose weight, I'm a bridal dressmaker and see so many of us brides stressing about losing weight, our partners and guests love us for us, be comfy and make sure you recognise yourself in your wedding photos, not just remembering being starving and grumpy for all the dieting 😆 You're getting married so you'll look gorgeous anyway!!

Kelly Gill
Kelly Gill 3 Oct 2019

Thank you Vicky 😊 I'm just loosing the baby weight I gained when carrying my little girl nothing majorly drastic. But know exactly what you mean, especially with our pictures.


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