Lauren Chalone Woollard
Lauren Chalone Woollard 2 Oct 2019

H2b just applied for nisi can we book our wedding Ipswich ul

So my h2b has just applied for his decree nisi we was wondering if we can now actually book our wedding? I can gurentee his divorce will be complete by February and we and wanting an October wedding so leaves plenty of time the the absolute to come though ready for when we need to give notice Any advice would be much appreciated

beverley summerhill
beverley summerhill 2 Oct 2019

We had to provide evidence of decree absolute when we booked at registry I would wait then plan

Christina Branson
Christina Branson 2 Oct 2019

Wait till its been granted and see from there. Some courts are taking a lot longer now due to other cases. Also it depends on the other side as if they want to play silly buggers they can.

Courtney Bartlett
Courtney Bartlett 2 Oct 2019

Take it from someone who knows: a decree nisi has to be heard by a judge. Then, if costs are sought (which can be up until the Decree absolute) it takes longer. After the nisi is pronounced, it can take up to 7 weeks to then roll out the paperwork to say he is divorced. It depends wholly upon himself, the other party (the respondent) and the judge/legal team.

Sarah Lockey
Sarah Lockey 2 Oct 2019

Once the decree nisi comes through its only 6 weeks and 1 day until you can apply for the decree absolute. I can’t see a problem in booking it. You just won’t be able to see the registrar to give notice until the decree absolute comes through

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 2 Oct 2019

Yes shouldn’t take to long to come through. I can apply for the final bit in three weeks, my wedding is November 2020 xx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 2 Oct 2019

Yep we booked ours prior to getting the decree absolute. It's as long as he is actually divorced by your wedding day and he isn't committing bigamy xxx

Jo McPherson
Jo McPherson 2 Oct 2019

Go for it. It’s not illegal to plan a wedding while still married only to marry again before the divorce is complete.

Danielle Mellor
Danielle Mellor 2 Oct 2019

If there are no finances involved once you receive the decree nisi notification through this will give you the date that it will be pronounced. The applicant can apply for the Decree Absolute 6 weeks and 1 day from Nisi. It may take a while for the Absolute to come through as the Courts have a big back log at the moment!

Linsey Frostick
Linsey Frostick 2 Oct 2019

You can book it but to give notice you need the actual paperwork

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 2 Oct 2019

It might not be ideal but if the divorce doesn’t go through by the time of the wedding, you could just do a non legal wedding anyways - no one will know and then once the divorce goes through you can just go to the registry office with a couple of witnesses and legally get married. xx

Sarah Boyadji
Sarah Boyadji 2 Oct 2019

We had to produce decree absolute to the registar when we went for our meeting last week to formally post our intention to wed next august.

Sarah Wheat
Sarah Wheat 2 Oct 2019

Has he only just made the application for divorce? Mine has just completed and took 9 months from start to finish with no disputes x

Susie Baldwin
Susie Baldwin 2 Oct 2019

Be warned registrars will not book until the absolute is through. We are waiting for my oh nisi to be granted and we have been told to call back when it’s through to book registrar in lakes and for the notice in Derbyshire

Lauren Stewart
Lauren Stewart 2 Oct 2019

Mine took nearly 4 years to get divorced 😳

Stop Emailingme
Stop Emailingme 2 Oct 2019

I've seen a couple of people on wedding groups recently and know someone personally that have had issues with really simple divorces not going through at the last minute because of things outside of their control. I'd probably wait until later in the process to book anything non-refundable just in case.

Donna Fairburn
Donna Fairburn 2 Oct 2019

after you receive the decree nisi.. you have to wait 6 weeks and 1 day to apply for the absolute, then that can take a few weeks to get the actual paperwork,

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 2 Oct 2019

Yeah soon as got my decree nisi I booked ours knew it would only be few weeks booked ours 11 months before wedding in February and how lovely a winter wedding I prefer them

Claire Beaumont
Claire Beaumont 2 Oct 2019

It’s polite to leave 2 years after a divorce. Money can be an issue. Don’t rush it!!

Emily Hughes
Emily Hughes 2 Oct 2019

I personally would wait. My H2B’s divorce took a year due to a huge back log at the courts.

Sam Lenoan
Sam Lenoan 3 Oct 2019

Just bare in mind that the courts are really backed up with divorces at the moment. I was told in the beginning 4 months max from start to finish, but mine only finalised 3 weeks ago after 10 months and it being passed to 3 separate boroughs in the process. West Mids dealt with the initial application even though it should have been Liverpool, then they passed it to East Mids to deal with the nisi, and finally they passed it to Bury to finalise it and send out the absolute. I thought it was never going to come through ! Thank god it did in the end. Booked our registrar last week 🥳

Kelly Shakespeare
Kelly Shakespeare 3 Oct 2019

I had to take my decree nisi to the registrar before I could book them. Ideally, you need to make sure the registrar in your area can do that date that far in advance. Booking a venue is fine, but if the nisi takes a long time (mine took months). See if the registrar can provisionally book until you get the nisi I guess?

Rebecca Gibbions
Rebecca Gibbions 3 Oct 2019

I booked before the divorce has even been started. Wasnt a problem for us at all and just had to show the absolute decree not the nisi. The absolute decree showed the courts ruled in favour and granted the divorce as finial. The nisi is before this where it gives anyone mainly the court the chance to decide weather everything has been done correctly and are suitable grounds for divorce. Hence then you get the absolute decree of which will say the marriage is now dissolved. This one proved to the rev that the marriage is now no longer. Hope this helps

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 3 Oct 2019

We booked ours when he got the nisi and the absolute wouldn’t have taken as long if the fella actually remembered to send it off. 4/5 weeks later he actually did it and he got it through in June some registrars like to see the nisi before they book you in others don’t really bother if it’s well in advance x

Kerry Jacobs
Kerry Jacobs 3 Oct 2019

I did and it was all fine xxx

Michelle Croxford
Michelle Croxford 3 Oct 2019

I’d say you’ve got plenty of time.
I really didn’t appreciate how long a simple divorce could take , I’d been separated 8 years and no financial ties etc with ex....and started divorce proceedings in the September of one year (2017),to get married the following September.(2018),Even though it was a simple divorce there was delays with forms not filled out correctly etc... had got married abroad and didn’t realise needed new translations done in this country too... so all added extra months on to the divorce and literally had days between marriage license been granted after giving notice and the actual wedding... so if he’s already applying for nici I’d say it’ll be fine.
We were able to book our registrar in the January but declared we were both free to marry on the booking form🤦🏻‍♀️... naughty but I knew we couldn’t have waited till nici was through as would have been too close. If I was to give anybody any advice it would be to leave atleast 18 months between starting divorce proceedings and date of wedding. Have a great day.xx

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 3 Oct 2019

It really depends on the legal system. I'd hate to see you not be able to go through with it because the decree absolute has not gone through.
As other people have said, the application needs to be heard by a judge, if they accept it, you will be given notice of when the nisi will be granted. However, ex partner can go and contest this. (I don't know your situation, but I'm just saying this is a possibility). If it is not contested, you have to wait 6 weeks 1 day to apply for the decree absolute, however, any financial settlements must be done before the absolute is granted. Which again could mean it takes a lot longer. It all comes down to the legal system and your partner and his ex.

Teresa Burns
Teresa Burns 3 Oct 2019

We got to show the absolute to church before we can book. We started divorce last November and the nisi hasn't even been finished in court yet.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 5 Oct 2019

My H2B's divorce took 18 months to finalise.
We were able to book our registrar without any paperwork but when it came to giving notice, we had to provide them with the decree absolute.


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