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Wedding Rings

Hi all, Has anyone ordered off of Auronia for wedding rings at all? My fiancé and I have found some lovely ones that we have fallen in love with from here but they are based in Germany and the reviews online are mixed (mainly saying they need to update customers about delivery but rings are beautiful). I’m a bit nervous ordering online but haven’t found any we like in shops that aren’t thousands of pounds! Any review/help/recommendations would be much appreciated! Thank you x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 1 Oct 2019

When / if you order them you should choose tracked packaging that way it’s insured so should it become lost you will get your money back.

However if reviews are hit and miss it may be best to search for them rings online and see if anywhere else stocks them or sells something similar with better reviews

Danika O'Connor
Danika O'Connor 1 Oct 2019

If you buy on a credit card you’re insured within the EU.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 1 Oct 2019

Have you tried goldfinger? You basically design your own rings and they are reasonably priced!!

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 1 Oct 2019

I do have a brand new wedding ring for sale if you’re interested. I actually won it on here but it doesn’t match my engagement ring. PM me if you want more info x

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Emma Marsh
Emma Marsh 1 Oct 2019

My partner bought my emgagement ring on glamira, and as far as I can tell there were no issues, they also do wedding rings etc. X

Sophie Brockwell
Sophie Brockwell 1 Oct 2019

You could also try angelic diamonds - their customer service was brilliant for us!

Nicola Balshaw
Nicola Balshaw 1 Oct 2019

Have you thought about making your own? We're going down to Devon next week to make ours as we were having the same problem, they were either ridiculously expensive or we just didn't like them. Now, for the price we would have paid in a jewellers we can design and then make our own, and nobody will have the same as they'll be our own individual design.

Louise Scullion
Louise Scullion 1 Oct 2019

We got ours on etsy from America, had no issues and got better prices even with the customs charges

Catherine Mcstay
Catherine Mcstay 2 Oct 2019

Check out
They are a Canadian brand.
Don't get me wrong the images don't do the rings justice but when they arrive they are stunning.

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Cynthia Veenstra
Cynthia Veenstra 2 Oct 2019

Mine are getting delivered tomorrow!!

Liz Fox
Liz Fox 3 Oct 2019

Me and my hubby got ours from there with no hassle and very happy with end product

Liz Fox
Liz Fox 3 Oct 2019

His is the same but bigger and no stone

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Kirsteen Robertson
Kirsteen Robertson 23 Oct 2019

There are absolutely loads of great reviews on the German review site - I dont understand much but they are mostly sehr gut, which I know means very good. I just don't think there were enough English reviews to form any kind of opinion on how good they are, but they did respond to the negative reviews which I thought was a great sign. I am mostly concerned because I won't get to see it before I buy, which i always hate! Hope that helps.

Mery Sneha
Mery Sneha 20 May 2020

Im actually confused too, the reviews are quite mixed online so is there anyone else who did purchased in auronia?

Monica Dinu
Monica Dinu 31 Aug 2020

I purchased my wedding rings from Auronia 3 years ago. We have been very pleased with the purchase, the rings and the service they provided. Now, 3 years later, I needed my ring to be resized and I contacted them to see what can be done. As my ring has stones and intricate design, it could not be resized, however, they offered to refund 90% of the original ring and to purchase a new one that is better suited for me now. I am very pleased with the customer services, support and products. I definitely recommend it. I have just placed the order for the second ring and I am waiting to arrive. As far as I remember, you have the option to return the rings and request a refund if not pleased with the rings. You can contact them as see if they allow for a full refund on the rings if not happy with the purchase. Good luck!


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