Amy Packwood
Amy Packwood 8 Sep 2019

Venue budget

Myself and my fiancé have visited a wedding venue which we both fell in love with. Unfortunately this is outside our budget with other main things to buy outside of the venue (dress, photographer). What should I do from here when looking at other venues when I've found my dream wedding venue?

Carlie Goodge
Carlie Goodge 9 Sep 2019

you could check to see if different times of the year are cheaper with your favourite venue? look for similar style venues in your area, before we found our favourite venue we had no clue it existed until we looked through bridal magazines in our area. good luck planning your special day !

Karolina Kozak
Karolina Kozak 13 Sep 2019

Can you try and negotiate with your dream venue? Sometimes they might be able to reduce the prices. Worth giving it a go.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 14 Sep 2019

You either have to completely forget about it. And start looking at places within your budget and I promise you will have the same dream day.
Or could you speak to your venue and see if there are things you can do o make it cheaper. We did this! We didn’t have canapés we asked them to give us a simpler menu which was 1/2 price per person. And we still had the best day. Good luck. X

Rebecca Bradley
Rebecca Bradley 15 Sep 2019

have a later ceremony to cut out meal just have canapés after ceremony and drinks reception before heading straight into eve reception with food - could save thousands by only paying for one meal for everyone

Amber Jupe
Amber Jupe 22 Sep 2019

We found our dream venue. We was a little clueless to how much we had for a budget but we negotiated with food. So for example we saved around 300£ just on desert by using our wedding cake and they said they will give us complimentary tea and coffee with that. It's just the little things that really do help. Good luck your have a fab day xx

Becky Mitchinson
Becky Mitchinson 29 Sep 2019

If it's really the dream venue i would hold off a little longer and save more xx


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