Kelly Gill
Kelly Gill 25 Aug 2019

None traditional wedding cakes.

What none traditional wedding cake ideas are you having for your big day? We're thinking of having a mixture of brownies with a fudge brownie cake so we can cut it in the traditional way. My sister is having a doughnut tower for her wedding on 10th September.

A member uploaded image

Gail Pallister
Gail Pallister 26 Aug 2019

I also like the idea of a cheese tower? Or a pork pie?

Debbie Moffatt
Debbie Moffatt 27 Aug 2019

Looks amazing I don’t want a traditional cake great idea

Becky Mitchinson
Becky Mitchinson 29 Aug 2019

People go for cheese cakes these days as in actual cheese x

Ashley Power
Ashley Power 16 Sep 2019

We are having a sweetheart cake for us and individual cupcakes for everyone else. H2B is not a cake person, not many in his family are so decided to spend money elsewhere xx


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