Karen Gee
Karen Gee 25 Aug 2019


How do you find thebest deal if your working on a budget? We want to get married for the meaning of it but also want a nice wedding i was more than happy to get married and have a meal with family after i have a small family and my partner does to, but friends have persuaded me to let them celebrate in the evening and advice will be appreciated having 2 grandsons on the way in October funds are limited

Becky Mitchinson
Becky Mitchinson 29 Aug 2019

Dont listen to any one else if you want a small wedding as does your OH then do that I'm sure your friends will understand also once you have a set idea shop around for prices try do alot yourself xx

Catherine Allanson
Catherine Allanson 15 Sep 2019

If you were going to be going for a meal anyway perhaps look for an all inclusive venue package? We used a site called Bridebook to look at venues and you could narrow it down by number of guests etc and got a very good deal with food and some drinks etc included it takes a load of stress away during the organising, maybe look at an off peak day aswell to save on costs, we chose a Sunday before half term starts as there are a lot of children invited! X

Louise Baigent
Louise Baigent 15 Sep 2019

My friend has just had her weddi g, just close family members then s meal afterwards then, the following weekend, met all their friends in their local pub....no room hire costs and the pub were delighted for all the extra business that night. Do what you want to do.

Charlotte Kemp
Charlotte Kemp 15 Sep 2019

That was our plan so we just hired out a room in a local pub/restaurant. That way we get the meal with family and we can celebrate after 😁

Suzanne Marie Riches
Suzanne Marie Riches 16 Sep 2019

We prefer to spend out money on our honeymoon, so, we are keeping numbers at bare minimum of a total of 10 people, then going for meal, if others want to celebrate with you, just let them know they can join you for drink after meal.

Hayley Wright-Mitchell
Hayley Wright-Mitchell 16 Sep 2019

One tip I would give: when you’re getting quotes from vendors, don’t tell them it’s for a wedding (they bump up the price dramatically when they hear the word ‘wedding’). Also DIY stuff like decor and stationary. Ebay and AliExpress were my best friends when I was planning my wedding.

Anna Rush
Anna Rush 17 Sep 2019

I reccomend going round your local area visiting pubs that have a function room. It's a great budget option and you dont miss out on a great party. With everything you plan, get three or more quotes and compare prices, you can really get the cost down. Have a spreadsheet. And a wedding planning app, they are great for budgeting. It doesn't have to cost the earth. Good luck!


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