Olivia Grace
Olivia Grace 24 Aug 2019

Bridal party proposal

I'd love for my sibling to be by my side on the day. However, they're having some issues with their gender (chooses day by day if they're dressing as a male or female). I'm going to ask if they'll be my "Bob of Honour" (Bob is my nickname for them) but want to ask in a special way. Does anyone have any ideas?

Courtney Bartlett
Courtney Bartlett 15 Sep 2019

Pant suits! Versatile and look amazing AND you can accessorise them any way you want!

Claire Mceachran
Claire Mceachran 15 Sep 2019

Tbh my h2b his best man is a women and she is going for the full kilt we gave her the option on what she wanted to wear cause we didn't want her feeling uncomfortable x

Sheena Flowers
Sheena Flowers 15 Sep 2019

Get a special cake iced asking them to be your Bob of Honour - who can resist cake?


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