Olivia Grace
Olivia Grace 24 Aug 2019

Transform the venue

We've decided on a venue that is sentimental (and because I know the owner, we can hire the room for free, as long as people will be drinking- which they definitely will) but it's a very bland space. There are long tables throughout and going up to the walls with fixes seating, a dance floor and a stage. We can't drape the walls because of the seating, but is there a way we can distract from all that and create a different atmosphere, rather than it looking like a pub/function room? Send me your ideas! x

Julia Shepherd
Julia Shepherd 15 Sep 2019

Do you have a theme or colour scheme for your wedding? When are you getting married? How much of your budget have you allocated to decorations?

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 15 Sep 2019

Bunting, candles, jam jars of flowers, picture boards with photos...

Gilly Carey
Gilly Carey 17 Sep 2019

Chair covers flowers bunting lamps candles confetti on tables balloons in your chosen colour scheme. We had a projection on one wall showing photos and videos of us running in a loop too. Imagination is a wonderful thing. Enjoy decorating and hope your day is lovely x


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