Zoe Swift
Zoe Swift 22 Aug 2019

Father of Bride Suit

Hi, I’m planning to get married in Feb 2020 and I’m stuck with what the father of the bride is supposed to wear. My dad lives in Australia so it will make it impossible for him to get to fittings beforehand for the same suit as the groom and groomsmen. So do I just tell him to wear a suit of similar colour, or whatever he wants? I don’t want him to feel left out as the father of the groom will be wearing the same suit!

UKbride Member 22 Aug 2019

I would tell him to wear a suit that he likes, rather than trying to match colours, as they'll never be exact and you want him to be comfortable. To tie him in with everyone else, you can get the pocket squares and ties to match instead, plus a buttonhole marks that he's part of the wedding party.

Becky Mitchinson
Becky Mitchinson 29 Aug 2019

It will be hard to match colour but if your hiring the suits maybe they can just take his measurements and work off that or use m&s I'm sure my uncle orders stuff from there to send to Australia surely you could buy all the suits from there and have his posted to try on xx


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