Joanne Woods
Joanne Woods 22 Aug 2019

When do you normally start dress shopping? I was going to start in January...

When do you normally start dress shopping? I was going to start in January as I get married October 2020 but now I’m thinking maybe I should start October this year?!

UKbride Member 22 Aug 2019

There are several things that can affect when you start dress shopping, and not just the wedding date! For example, where you plan to buy from, if you're likely to change shape, if you know exactly what you want, if you have no idea what you want), etc.

If you're going the 'normal route' (buying from a bridal store) you should allow time for the dress to arrive once you've ordered it – up to 6 months depending on how busy the designer is and where their factories are based. You should then allow 2–3 months for fittings and alterations. So I would aim for no less than 9 months before the wedding day.

The other route is to buy 'off-the-peg' where you try on the actual dress you're buying: this can be at budget bridal shops like Wed2B, at bridal sales and shows or at 'normal' bridal stores, which will often have ex-display dresses that they sell for a discount. In this case, you only need to about a couple of months for alterations (depending on what they are: shortening/changing neckline/etc. will take longer and cost more).

Becky Mitchinson
Becky Mitchinson 29 Aug 2019

People usually say to have the dress around 9 months before especially if your not buying of the rack then and there also need time for alterations i get married july 2020 and started august 2019


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