Angela Crellin
Angela Crellin 18 Aug 2019

It's such a struggle to fine the money to have the perfect day even tho it's...

It's such a struggle to fine the money to have the perfect day even tho it's perfect anyway as I get to marry the most amazing woman how do you get everything perfect a gay wedding is so hard to do places wont marry us but the ones that will are over 4 grand and with having a family to support we are finding it impossible and all we want to do is get married we are the same as a man and woman we are human every where should be equal prices and and we should be able to get married any where

Sarah Pollard
Sarah Pollard 22 Aug 2019

Locate a reasonable priced village hall you like , buy clothes from a charity shop and if you head to posh areas you can actually get wonderful brand new worn only once , bring in a fish and chip van or a buffet ...or ask everyone to bring an item and write a rota for either main or sweet ....
Extra & significant is registrar , wedding rings ( look in August sales ) ... & a celebrant .....
Where are you based ? ..... If near Reading I can direct you to my caterer who is a wonderful kind lady who only charges £12.50 per head for 2 courses, coffee & tea etc ......
Hope this helps ....
N.B. Think of sales now to reduce costs to bring prices down .....

Sarah Baker
Sarah Baker 22 Aug 2019

Registry office

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 22 Aug 2019

My daughter and her wife to be haven’t had any problem finding a venue as a Mrs and Mrs

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 22 Aug 2019

Nicola 'Tevez' Stray and Emma Fay Stray how did you two go about finding your venue?

Kelly Shakespeare
Kelly Shakespeare 22 Aug 2019

Maybe it’s just the venues you’re looking at. All marriages are legal now, the cost of the venue depends, so look around a bit. My fiance and myself have paid £3800 for the venue, £500 for the service, the rest is on top. We could have done it cheaper, we have kids to support too, look around a bit, go to wedding fares, you can get discount on venues! Friends of mine had a civil partnership, they used the registry office then had a do after to suit their budget. I don’t think it’s the type of marriage you want that’s putting the price up, just the
location. Good luck!

Suzanne Marie Riches
Suzanne Marie Riches 22 Aug 2019

Won't get any cheaper than ours, I bought my dress off ebay, husbands suit £150, register office £180, then a nice meal for after, we wanted to keep everything very low key, and put our money to our honeymoon. Our wedding in total cost £600

Becky Mitchinson
Becky Mitchinson 30 Aug 2019

Surely you can find somewhere cheaper shop about try wedding fairs there is often venues there x
Maybe look further away my venue is a 30 minute drive away x


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