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It's been a few months since my wedding, I had a beautiful day and was so incredibly happy. However I'm kind of lost on whether I should leave a review for my daytime venue or not. On the day I didn't let anything bother me but it was very frustrating and here's why. - the original coordinator was apparently on maternity leave, but I found out that my friend was told the exact same thing over a year before. So basically their staff member had quit and thought maternity leave sounded better. - then it was left to two people to deal with weddings, but as time past they both also left for different reasons. - the woman who then took over seemed very competent, explained that they can't sell drinks from the table but the options are...1) put money behind the bar...2) buy drinks tickets for people to use...3) buy the drinks and have them upstairs to be served. We chose the ticket options and have them to our guests, but no one stayed upstairs to take the drinks orders so all my guests had to keep going downstairs anyway, so what was the point in the tickets. This was frustrating because the tables were all quite close together and difficult to navigate. - we made party favours, just pieces of wood shaped and drilled to make bottle balancers, I asked for a couple of bottles to be balanced on the tables so the guests would know what they were. None of them were balanced the only upside to this was I ended up going to each table having a chat with the guests and explained what they were instead. - they have no music system outside in the garden where you get married so you have to supply a speaker which you then can't hear when the music had started so you walk down the aisle blind. - the lady who took over as coordinator phoned me a week before the wedding to tell me she won't be there for the wedding as she's on holiday. So she didn't pass on the information such as the bottle balancers and table service. - because of the layout of the tables being quite close together they were bringing it food up the staircase and when that started cologging up with people they started bringing it up from the outside of the building. Granted it was sunny it wasn't the warmest day so some people had cold food. - then I got told that the chef was b**ching about one of my bridesmaids when they were the ones who had messed up her food order and she just mentioned it and said she'd happily eat what she was given but it wasn't what she'd ordered. I got told about the chef by my mother in law who was waiting to be served, the lass serving her knew who she was, could hear the chef and ran round to hush him up. - we were given any table wine that wasn't used as we'd paid for them only to be told by everyone that they only opened one bottle a table and were short of about 8 bottles being returned to us. I feel cheated. I've left reviews for every other aspect of my wedding because they all went above and beyond but I feel if I don't leave a review then other brides may have the same problems, I would email them about it but after the wedding their responses to emails became more laxed and I had difficulty teeing to get my money back for the remaining drinks tickets that weren't used, I felt like I had to fight for that money.

Carlie Goodge
Carlie Goodge 12 Aug 2019

I think you should email them, and leave a review for other brides. make sure you tell the venue you left them a review if you choose to write a complaint, this will hopefully put a bit of pressure on them for a response. If i were in your shoes i would write a complaint. This could also help the venue identify where they went wrong.

Becky Mitchinson
Becky Mitchinson 19 Aug 2019

Definitely leave a review if your not happy dont want another couple to go through the same thing x


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