UKbride Member Request 8 Aug 2019

Transport to the wedding

Hi just after some advice our wedding venue is quite far from where we both live but it in the middle of both our home towns I am thinking of organising a bus but asking people to pay towards it as I just don’t have enough in my budget do you think this would upset people

Sharron Jones
Sharron Jones 9 Aug 2019

Hi love.. I'm going to be doing this.. it will turn out cheaper for them and they dont have to worry about taxis ...I'll defo be telling them they are paying x

Becky Mitchinson
Becky Mitchinson 19 Aug 2019

I was planning to put busses on as our venue is over 30 mins away from the church I'm paying for this x we have guest coming from all over Scotland London Swindon hull so I dont want them to have to worry about getting there as well as already paying to get to home town however I think if I did ask them they would probably be ok with it xx


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