UKbride Member Request 6 Aug 2019

Work colleagues invited to wedding?

Hi, Having a bit of a dilemma I invited my work colleagues to the evening reception of my wedding a few months ago and we are a small company. Since then we’ve hired more staff. There are three new members of my team but I’m not sure whether to invite them as seems mean everybody else is coming but them? However out of the 3 I get on well with two of them and they’d be a great laugh but haven’t really gotten to know the third person on a personal level. What shall I do? If that person left the company we wouldn’t keep in touch but seems cruel to not ask? Thanks xx

Carlie Goodge
Carlie Goodge 7 Aug 2019

i'd say invite all 3 to the evening reception. This may break the ice with the 3rd person as well and might encourage them to get to know you a bit better?

Becky Mitchinson
Becky Mitchinson 7 Aug 2019

Just think can you afford to invite them if so invite them like you say if you get on well with 2 it would be unfair to leave that person out I personally aren't inviting work colleagues I would only do so if I hung around with them outside work xx but each to their own you will be far too busy anyway


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