Caitlin Perkins
Caitlin Perkins 4 Aug 2019

Writing my own vows!!!

Hi, I am writing my own vows and would like it if anybody could give them a read please. as everyone in this room knows the relationship didn't get off to a brilliant start, but that doesn't matter now as it's the here and now. I've dreamed about this day for years and it's exactly how I imagined it to be. since I met you I knew you would be the one I married, now that sounds stupid since I was 15 but here we are. I promise to be there through all the challenges we face good or bad and i promise to love you as long as my heart does. does this sound okay i'm not sure on the last part myself but I value anyone's opinion. TIA x

Alice McAllister
Alice McAllister 5 Aug 2019

That’s lovely if you’re not sure on the ending you could say as long as my heart beats

Gemma Allen
Gemma Allen 6 Aug 2019

That's really lovely x

Stroma Smith
Stroma Smith 8 Aug 2019

Sounds lovely but i would maybe change the 'promise to love you as long as my heart does' to maybe something like 'I promise to be there by your side for all the good times and the bad and i promise to love you wholeheartedly until my last breath and i cannot wait to start this journey of married life with my best friend and now husband'
Men don't like to be soppy but i find we don't always tell our men how much we appreciate them xx


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