Lina Caccavale
Lina Caccavale 2 Aug 2019

shoes for women with large feet

I need some help! i have size 9 feet and I'm struggling to find a nice pair of shoes for my wedding. if i have found a pair of shoes i like they then only come up to a size 7/8. Does anyone know of somewhere that supplies pretty shoes for women with larger feet? Any advise would be helpful!!

Carlie Goodge
Carlie Goodge 2 Aug 2019

Debenhams have some lovely shoes that go up to a size 9

Hannah Erkens
Hannah Erkens 16 Aug 2019

Im also a size 9 and irregular choice have some lovely ones

Jerry Chang
Jerry Chang 3 Sep 2019

Maybe you can try this one:'s-lowpointed-low-heel-dress-pump-shoes/LOWPOINTED/WOMEN, it with size 9 in stock


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