UKbride Member Request 27 Jul 2019

Infinity dress

Hi, does anyone know where I can buy the multiway/infinity/multiway bridesmaid dresses from for a reasonable price, under £50? Thanks x

Eleanor Tennant
Eleanor Tennant 28 Jul 2019

Debenhans have a few on sale for 26quid!!

Natalie Jones
Natalie Jones 30 Jul 2019

Boohoo, that’s were im getting mine from 😍 xx

Natalie Jones
Natalie Jones 30 Jul 2019

There £22.50 also xx

Nicky Moore
Nicky Moore 31 Jul 2019

eBay do them with uk sellers

Jade Horsfield
Jade Horsfield 1 Aug 2019

Boohoo is great


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