UKbride Member Request 25 Jul 2019

Unplugged Ceremony and Guests on Social Media

#MemberRequest - Hi, I’m looking for some advice and opinions please on photographs and social media. We are having an unplugged ceremony ie. no phones or cameras allowed. We have a few reasons for this mostly because we paid a lot of money for our photographers and don’t want her to be hindered in anyway by other people devices. We are happy for people to take photos after the ceremony and at the reception )if anything we are excited to see them) BUT we don’t want people to post on social media. Our reason is entirely selfish, we want to be the first to post! So my question is a) are we being unreasonable asking people to wait 24hrs before posting stuff and b) how should we go about asking them not to?

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Becky Mitchinson
Becky Mitchinson 7 Aug 2019

Not at all there are cute signs you can get that ask people not to take photos during ceremony then find one to put up at you reception asking them to wait bedore the post xx


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