UKbride Member Request 22 Jul 2019

What to get the couple who have it all?!

We have been invited to the whole wedding of an old friend (of my fiancé’s) who we haven’t seen for a few years, we have never met his bride. They have asked for money for their honeymoon as their wedding gift (no problem with this we will be doing the same) however the couple in question are VERY wealthy, so how much should we give them?? Bearing in mind it is already costing us £300+ for travel and accommodation etc to attend, I just don’t know what is a reasonable amount without looking tight but also not leaving us skint?? Thank you in advance for your suggestions ??

Carlie Goodge
Carlie Goodge 23 Jul 2019

Maybe think about how much you would spend on a nice meal out. this is what i did when i struggled with the same scenario. the bride and groom will be feeding you and providing drinks, this would have cost them a fair bit. i thought about how much it would have cost them for me to attend then doubled it for my partner. Hope this helps in some way


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