UKbride Member Request 18 Jul 2019

So my dad passed away back in 2012, and basically I’m looking for ideas so...

So my dad passed away back in 2012, and basically I’m looking for ideas so that he can still be part of the wedding day. I’ve thought about wearing a bracelet of which he brought me and wearing it as my something old, but just would like some other ideas.

Carlie Goodge
Carlie Goodge 19 Jul 2019

Sorry to hear that. I lost my dad in 2017 and my granddad the year before. Im going to have a table dedicated to them with photos and a lit candle. I have also thought about having a locket type chain attached to my bouquet so he can walk down the aisle with me.

Claire Mceachran
Claire Mceachran 29 Jul 2019

Sorry to hear that ladies I lost my dad in 2006 and my brother is getting a tie pin he can put it on my dress

Alice McAllister
Alice McAllister 5 Aug 2019

I’d get a bouquet locket or reserve him a chair

Claire Mceachran
Claire Mceachran 12 Aug 2019

My partner bought lanterns for us to set off as well

Laura Collins
Laura Collins 15 Aug 2019

I know someone who’s mum passed away and had a locket with a picture of her mum in her wedding bouquet

Alysia Alderson
Alysia Alderson 30 Aug 2019

Sorry for your loss. Reserving a chair with your favourite picture of him is a lovely idea or a locket in you bouquet. X

Georgina Youé
Georgina Youé 7 Nov 2019

I liken the idea of reserving a chair. He would be proud I’m sure!

Teresa Burns
Teresa Burns 7 Nov 2019

My dad is on a picture locket that is attached to my bouquet so he will be with me walking down the aisle. Also my h2b has lockets on button hole of his parents too.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 7 Nov 2019

My friend, put together a table at the entrance/near the cake with photos on of loved ones who sadly are not there. With a lit candle. Which looked stunning. Look on Pinterest.

UKbride Member 7 Nov 2019

Can I ask who is giving you away? My darling dad died the year before I got married and my brother gave me away. When asked who gives this woman he said “on behalf of my father I do”
I also had a photo of him up at the reception. It was perfect xxx

UKbride Member 7 Nov 2019

My mum passed away and I'm wearing her bracelet for my something old so she's with me x


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